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Weapon's evolution in the medieval ages

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motivation and goal

Silver unicorn - Medieval reenactment companionship

Search, recreate apply and share forsaken craftmanship

Medieval reenactors from Tournai/Ath in Belgium, our goal is to bring to the masses some tools, machines and skills close to the medieval ones.
We do not try to recreate a specific timeframe, we want apply and show the large diversity of techniques and equipment to make the evolution of those objects and mentalities percievable.
Our first focus is bowmaking, siege engine building and how to tease people's interest around those crafts. Our knowledge in woodworking and blacksmithing enables us to make our own equipment with the upmost care of authenticity. More information ?


It beginnings with a handful of passionate people


Bowyer - Ensgenior

Motto : He Whom Wants, Can

cofounder of the companionship. His passion for architecture is the origin of multiple siege engines and models. Since a few years, bowmaking became his hobby... he does not fear to experiment, even if it breaks the bow !



Bowyer - Ensgenior

Motto : Tiiiiimbeeeeeeeer !!!

cofounder of the companionship in 2000. He is also a teacher and the main origin of our pedagogic approach : sharing with visitors, showing the weapons, expose forsaken techniques and explaining our siege engines and bows.



Bowyer - Ensgenior

Motto : Be ignored the ill thinking

Joins the companionship in 2013. Made a awful lot of timber wood until failing to and making bows instead. He's also our webmaster.



Archer - apprentice bowyer - Ensgenior

Motto : With each mouthful a new flavour

Met on a camp in 2015 with his own fellowship, he joins us after a few times. His passion for archery brings him to the bow making and fletching... his ever-smiling behaviour is essential for us.

contact the unicorn
+32 (0)477/51.08.17
133 Hameau des Petits Empires
7522 Blandain (Tournai) - BE